Bringing your kids to church is one of the best parenting moves you can make. As parents we count the time spent in many areas of our children’s lives: practicing the piano, watching TV, playing video games, and exercising. By many studies, time spent in church attendance is critical to a child’s healthy development. Okay, forget the studies. Just ask parents. Adults who grew up going to church, then took a break in early adulthood, often run to find a church as soon as they have children. Why? Because they sense what we know—God has something to say about how we live our lives. Parents understand it’s their responsibility to teach this to their kids, but most of us need some help, too. Our desire is to stand with you in ministering to your family and to help you, as parents, in your efforts to lay a spiritual foundation for your children.

You may be wondering if this place is a fit for your kids. We believe grown ups should have a great experience in “big people church” while our kids have an age-appropriate, excellent experience in “little people church.” Kids are all about fun. It’s their occupation in life. They’re fully committed to it and will work hard to accomplish it daily. If they aren’t having fun somewhere, then they move on to something or someone else that does have it. It’s the secret sauce that makes it possible to win their hearts in ministry. Our goal at GFA is to have fun while learning about God. This is at the core of everything that we do in GFA Kids. During a typical weekend service, your kids will have fun, play games, sing songs, meet new friends—and learn how much they matter to God.  It is our desire to make this the best hour of their week by leading the children into a relationship with God through fun and creative teaching. Each child is taught in a safe, loving, and encouraging environment. Whether you have a newborn or an active 6th grader, you can know they are being loved and taught about God on their level. If you’re new to GFA and have children, we invite you to check out what we offer our youngest attenders!

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