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Just Do It!

For years, the shoe manufacturer, Nike, used the slogan “Just do it.” It became one of the most recognizable slogans in the history of advertising. One of the reasons it was so effective was because of the simple, yet powerful, message. The message was this: Whatever you have been thinking about doing, stop putting it off.

It’s a lesson that we, as followers of Christ, should take to heart. We often think of things that we need to do in order to be obedient to Jesus and determine that someday we’ll do it. Maybe you’ve had the urge to share Jesus with your friend, but you’ve put it off, waiting for the perfect time. Maybe you’ve felt the Spirit urging you toward some area of service, but you’ve waited for circumstances to become perfect (which, by the way, means that you’ll be waiting forever). Maybe Jesus has been calling you into intimacy with Him, but you haven’t moved on it.

Whatever Jesus is saying to you, I have one message for you: No more excuses for disobedience. No more waiting to fulfill God’s plan for your life. No more sitting on the sidelines. Just do it!

Pastor Dave

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